Lulu Jewelry, LLC was founded in the middle of a pandemic in September, 2021. It's a jewelry brand based in Puerto Rico. Our pieces provide a unique touch to more women and help them feel better with a healthy self-esteem. We want every client to feel and look elegant, different and above all HAPPY. We stand on diversity, quality, honesty, commitment and happiness. 

My name is Mila Rodriguez and I am the founder and CEO of Lulu Jewelry LLC. I have always been passionate about sales and fashion. After many years wanting to achieve this dream, I launched myself and here we are celebrating our first year. This dream is possible thanks to the support of my family, friends and clients.

The name of my business (Lulu) comes after having opened the doors of my home and family to a cute puppy (Havanese dog). She stole our hearts from the day we went to meet her. It brought us so much joy and love, that the day I was choosing a name for this new project, the first thing that came to my mind was her. 

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